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Yokoy recommends Kontera for ambitioned SMEs

Is Yokoy a tad bit too big for you? No worries - Kontera has specifically been developed for micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises.

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Kontera - a next-gen, pre-accounting software.

for your accounting

a next-gen, pre-accounting software.

AI-based document extraction, automatic reconciliation with your financial transactions and more.


Post and Process

Our AI does not only speak many languages, it also understands taxes, payment information and metadata. Your scanned or photographed receipts get extracted, and automatically augmented with data.

Flexible imports

Send your documents to your personalized email address, use our WhatsApp Inbox or upload them yourself.

Save time using AI

Our AI extracts your documents, provides input for suppliers and contacts, gives you a personalized posting suggestion and alerts you about duplicates.

For every workflow

You can use kontera for accounts payables, expenses, creditcard statements or your accounts receivables.

And every combination thereof.


Reconciliate with bank or creditcard transactions

If you do your books periodically, let kontera take care of reconciliating your transactions with your receipts.


Import your transaction fully automatically using our banking integrations into kontera, or use our CAMT.053 import.


Our AI can process paper statements from many known creditcard providers, and extract all relevant transaction data from it.

Neobanks and payment providers

Stripe, Revolut Business, Wise. Kontera has special support for various modern payment providers and neobanks.




For your existing accounting system

kontera offers tailor-made integrations for known accounting systems.


Create purchase bills for your accounts payables, or purely manual bookings for accounts payables and receivables.

Infoniqa One 50

Import your journal into your general ledger, using our TAF-Export.


Import your journal into your general ledger, using our ZIP-Export, including receipts.


Import your journal into your general ledger, using our Topal XML-Export.

Universal Accounting - For everyone else

Use kontera without a connected accounting system, by simply setting up your charts of accounts and tax rates yourself and gain the ultimate freedom to import the generated journal in whatever system you choose.

Thousands of companies optimize their accounting with Kontera

Kontera is a unique solution for pre-accounting, invoice processing and expense management. With more efficient bookkeeping, you can focus on your business.

Kontera for SME

More time for your business, tailor-made for micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Get to know how we can help you to make your accounting workflow digital, and save you time.

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Kontera for accountants

Accelerate your invoice processing for clients and become more efficient.

Learn how we can help you speed up your processes for batch processing or daily accounting tasks.

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