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Post your transactions using our imports and automatic receipt reconciliation.

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Reconciliate in record time

Automatic matching between receipt and transaction

Kontera allows you to post your transactions as its supposed to be - with a matching receipt. Using various integrations we provide support for various providers.

Easy Import

Import your data

kontera allows you to import your transactional data. For example, our AI is capable of extracting transactions from your credit card statements.

Additionally, kontera provides you with tailored imports for payment providers (like PayPal) or modern banks (like Revolut Business).


Automatic reconciliation

Using special heuristics, Kontera is able to find to search and find the matching receipt to your transaction.

Upload all documents, import all transactions and be amazed how fast kontera will work out the matching pairs without your guidance.


For the whole wide world

Kontera has integrated support for any ISO currency. Our algorithm also reconciliates masked transactions (for examplea paid via PayPal), where the original amount and currency is not available via data.

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