kontera and Revolut Business

Reconciliate and post your Revolut Business transactions with ease. Thanks to our specialized Revolut Business Import and automated invoice processing.

Our Revolut Business Integration

Integrated in Kontera

Your company gains maximum flexiblity in managing your credit cards and banking needs thanks to Revolut Business. Using Kontera, you can now easily connect your neobank of choice with your existing accounting system.

Accounts and Currencies

Multi-Account capable

You have multiple accounts in your Revolut Business? No problem.

Supports multiple accounts

Supports every currency


Reconciliate transcations

Upload your CSV-Export from Revolut Business to kontera. Your transactions get analyzed and reconciliated automatically with your receipts.

1-Click CSV Import

Import via Kontera Inbox Email

Automatic reconciliation using your receipts

Charge-Off without receipt

No receipt? No problem.

Do you have transactions without any receipt? No worries, kontera can handle them as well.

Simply post transactions

Support for credit notes

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