kontera Inbox

Get a special inbox for all your email receipts.


A digital process for a digital world

For all your invoices via email, kontera is the perfect companion for further processing.


Your documents are already waiting

Get your own customizable @kontera.inbox.ch address. Simply forward your receipts and invoices as an attachment to this address, and kontera will process them in your absence - So everything is ready when you get back to it.


Receipts via email

What about giving your employees a simple solution to submit their expenses? Configure their individual email addresses to mark incoming receipts as employee expenses.


Intelligent inbox

Kontera recognizes which files are true attachments or receipt photos, vs. just being part of a extravagant email signature. Even multiple attachments per mail are no problem.


Everything under control

Check the original email content at any time, and see what mails have been delivered to your kontera inbox.

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