Kontera for SME

Kontera is an unique solution for pre-accounting, expense management and invoice processing. Tailor-mode for micro, small and medium-sized businesses.

Document inflow

Upload your invoices and receipts directly in Kontera or send them to your customizable kontera inbox.

Kontera extracts your documents and automatically fills in data like amount, invoice number, payment information or the contact.

Process, reconciliate and pay

Open invoices can be created including payment advises if your accounting system supports it.

For paid invoices, use our automatic reconciliation to find a matching creditcard or bank transaction.


Approve and synchronize

Approve your invoices and synchronize completed documents back into your accounting system.

That's how fast accounting can be.

We help over 1000 companies to speed up their accounting.

Save time

More time for your business

Focus on your enterprise. Using Kontera you can save a lot of time while posting and processing invoices. As a small business you have more useful things to do, such as scaling your own business.

Higher efficiency

Truly digital

Kontera provides you with a digital process for invoice processing, simple yet flexible. Every business is different, which is why we give you various possibilities for uploading documents, transactions and support multiple accounting systems.

Made in Switzerland

Security and data protection

We make sure to handle your data carefully. All data is stored in swiss, state-of-the-art data centers. Kontera gets developed in Switzerland, and our privacy policy makes clear that your data stays where it belongs: In your hands, and not shared with third-parties.

You are in perfect hands: Find an accountant that already knows about Kontera, using our accountants directory.

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Supported accounting systems

We are continuously working to add new integrationst to Kontera. Missing your accounting system? Just let us know!


Create purchase bills, use our creditcard reconciliation and speed up your daily workflow.

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Infoniqa 50 Extra

Reconciliate creditcards and synchronise into your main ledger using our TAF-Integration, or connect enable full sub-ledger accounting functionality thanks to the Albatross API.

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Post to your main ledger thanks to our AbaConnect Integration.

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Post to your main ledger thanks to our Topal XML Integration.

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