kontera for creditcards

Post your creditcard statements in record time, no matter whether you got them on Paper or as PDF.


Chaos begone!

Kontera matches your receipts to the correct transaction and creates proper creditors. Gain transparency, insight and save time in the process.


Let our AI read your paper

A majority still gets their credit card statements in paperform. While we don't think that printing digital data on analog paper is particularly great, we offer a simple solution: kontera is able to read many compatible statements and extract the necessary data from them, no matter if paper or PDF.

Business Intelligence

Learn from your data

Paying for services using creditcards is getting more and more common, especially in ecommerce. Proper bookkeeping for your cards is becoming a necessity to keep your expenses under control and get correct reporting for all your creditors.

With and without

No receipt? No problem.

At every time in the process, you know exactly which transactions still need to be processed and whether you already have a matching receipt or not. You can even post transactions without a receipt attached.


kontera for credit cards is compatible with the following providers*

Credit Suisse
Zürcher Kantonalbank

* Missing a specific provider? Just get in with us! We'd love to add your provider to this list, without additional cost.

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