kontera for approvals

Get a simple rule-based approval flow, no matter if you are dealing with expenses or you would like your accountant to double-check your work.


Why complicated?

Using Kontera, a simple approval flow is setup in seconds. Make sure no payments can be scheduled without explicit approval or let your coworker double-check your work.



Mistakes are annoying - And costly, especially if they happen late in your process. Using the approval flow in Kontera, you can verify your invoices double - or triple.

Keep control

Check your postings with your expert

If you work together with your accountant, you can also use the approval flow to make sure your posting was correct - And can be corrected before submitting the results to your accounting system. You can mitigate costly errors right away and get let your accountant give you feedback about why the approval was denied.


Automatic approval rules

Using the customizable approval rules, you can trigger approval requests for invoices with payment advise or based on a specific amount threshold. This allows to keep an eye on outgoing payments and implement multi-verification of stakeholders if necessary.

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