Kontera for accountants

Accelerate your invoice processing for clients and become more efficient. Developed with professionals, we are offering a next-gen accounting workflow.

For sole proprietors or accounting deparments

Increased productivity

Using Kontera, you can speed up the accounts payables lässt sich die Belegverarbeitung und Verbuchung um bis zu 75% beschleunigen. Mittels der zahlreichen Integrationen können dabei nicht nur Kreditoren verbucht werden, sondern auch Kreditkartenabrechnungen auf Papier, Bankauszüge via CAMT oder moderne Neobanken wie Revolut Business.

100% Cloud

Digital processes for a digital world

Kontera is a cloud-based application, which supports your daily work as an accountant and improves your efficiency.

Using our Kontera AI you gain extra power for your services, necessary in a faster getting business environment.

Knowledge included

Developed with professionals

Kontera has been developed in unison with professional accountants from the get-go. This is why Kontera integrates seamlessly in your workflow, no matter whether you keep your clients book updated daily or if you do batch processing.


It's easier together

You decide whether you onboard your clients on to Kontera to let them do their books themselves, or if you decide to own the process alltogether. Kontera is capable of supporting any range of collaboration.

Made in Switzerland

Security and data protection

We make sure to handle your data carefully. All data is stored in swiss, state-of-the-art data centers. Kontera gets developed in Switzerland, and our privacy policy makes clear that your data stays where it belongs: In your hands, and not shared with third-parties.

More and more accountants count on Kontera

Accountants love Kontera

For good reason: We developed Kontera together with accountants. One out of three bexio platinum accountants uses Kontera!

In good company: Our accountants directory

Supported accounting systems

We are continuously working to add new integrationst to Kontera. Missing your accounting system? Just let us know!


Create purchase bills, use our creditcard reconciliation and speed up your daily workflow.

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Infoniqa 50 Extra

Reconciliate creditcards and synchronise into your main ledger using our TAF-Integration, or connect enable full sub-ledger accounting functionality thanks to the Albatross API.

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Post to your main ledger thanks to our AbaConnect Integration.

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Post to your main ledger thanks to our Topal XML Integration.

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