kontera on autopilot

Combining a rule-based posting system with our AI data-extraction, your ledger basically writes itself.

Automated ledger generation

Receipt + Transaction

A receipt for every transaction - This concept is key for auditable and precise bookkeeping. kontera enables you to post using simple rules, and match the right receipts in a fully automatic way.

Posting rules

Create simple rules

To pst your bank statements or other transactions, use our simple posting rule editor. We give you a headstart using smart suggestions based on your selected transaction, and preview the affected transactions in real time.

With or without receipt

No ledger without receipts

If you wish, Kontera does not post any transaction without a matching an reconciliated receipt. As soon as its imported though, it will do the work fully automatically for you.

eCommerce und Dropshipping

For recurring transactions

Our automated posting engine can handle a lot of transactions, and complex cases as well. We take care of difficult currency transformation and keep the used exchange rates VAT-compliant.

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