Automated accounting

kontera for Infoniqa ONE 50.

Digital processing of receipts, bills and credit cards statements, for Infoniqa ONE 50 (previously Sage 50 Extra).

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Our integration

The new way to do your books using Infoniqa ONE 50

Save lots of time using our integration with Infoniqa ONE 50: Kontera replaces the manual processing of invoices for your existing accounting software, and enables a fully digital workflow. Our AI extracts data from your invoices and reconciliates them with your bank- or credit card statements.


Kontera for Infoniqa ONE 50

Kontera is currently compatible with Infoniqa ONE 50 (either through the Albatross API, or using the TAF Import/Export).


Cloud Software, hosted in 🇨🇭

Newest generation of software

No matter what integration you choose: Kontera stays simple. No setup costs. No maintenance fees.

Kontera does not need to be installed on your server

Kontera does not need to be installed on your server

Always up-to-date

Binders full of documents?

Kontera does the typing.

Kontera analyzed your invoices and extracts supplier-info, dates, amounts and more to replace the manual entry process.

Save up to 75% of your time per invoice

Automatic reconciliation

One-click accounting

You have to see it, to believe it

kontera for Infoniqa ONE 50 in 2 minutes.

Processing invoices was never easier.

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Easy connection through Albatross

Direct connection

In combination with Albatross, Kontera becomes your must have accounts payable workhorse for Infoniqa ONE 50: Your data is synced in mere minutes and you are read to go. Kontera is able to create OP (Offene Posten), payment advises or simply book into your main books.

Albatross is been developed by Simplit Software GmbH in unison with Infoniqa Partners. Learn more about it here::

Perfect integration between Kontera and Infoniqa ONE 50

No file import/export necessary

Based on existing APIs (SQL and Btrieve Pervasive)

No additional software necessary through our TAF import/export

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Kontera also supports a pure Infoniqa ONE 50 installation using the TAF file format.

Kontera works without any additional software. Everything you need, is your existing Infoniqa ONE 50.

No additional software necessary


Work using file import/export

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