Developed with accountants

Too many receipts?
No problem

Kontera was designed specifically for accountants and supports your daily work.

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Batch Processing Made Easy

Multiply your productivity

Kontera supports you with tedious and repetitive tasks, so you can focus on your customers.


Batch processing

Binders full of receipts? No worries, just let Kontera do the work.

Scan everything at once - and split your file directly in Kontera

No scrambling to get access to CAMT files - Just use a CSV.

Easy and efficient reconciliation

1 + 1 = 3

Collaborate with your customers

You can invite your customer into any tenant, and work with the same data.

Shared collaboration possible

Bring your own process

Workflow Idea 1: Your customers uploads, you process

Workflow Idea 2: Your customers processes, you control

One process

One accounts payable process for all systems

Are you using various systems in paraallel? No problem. We support many systems, and are adding continously adding new ones.

All tenants in one system - No matter what accounting software you use

Missing your system? We're open for ideas, just get in touch!

More and more accountants count on Kontera

Accountants love Kontera

For good reason: We developed Kontera together with accountants. One out of three bexio platinum accountants uses Kontera!

In good company: Our accountants directory
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