🧮 + 🖥️ + 🗺️ = Universal Accounting

We've silently been working on something quite exciting. Ready to find out?

This blog post will be a bit different than our usual. For starters, you'll probably notice that this post is written in English?! The reason being is that we'd like to announce something very special today.

While we are continuously releasing new features and functionality for Kontera, we were silently working on something quite a bit bigger.

And we're finally ready to pull back the curtains on it and share what we've built.

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" 🧩

Over the last three years, Kontera has been an incredible journey. We started out by building a tool to speed up our own accounting process and integrated it with bexio, a well known ERP system for SME in Switzerland.

However, we quickly realized that the tech we've built might help many other enterprises with similar problems. Which is why we expanded the range of integrations into other platforms (such as Abacus, Topal or Infoniqa).

Time is a scarce resource. Developing and maintaining an integration into another system is a complex task, especially if you have to make sure that it works for everyone.

But what if, Kontera could actually work with any system?

Which is why we often had to say "no" to requests about integrating a specific system, even if we would've loved to answer your requests with a resounding "yes!". We learned that the integration requires a deep understanding of the system at hand and knowledge that only actual users of those systems possess.

But what if we found a common ground that all those systems united, and managed to specify a language that every other system spoke as well? What if, Kontera could actually work with any system?

The wonderful thing about accounting is that its language is pretty much universal. Double-entry bookkeeping has existed for probably over a thousand years - And it doesn't look like it's going anywhere. So why not leverage the fact that almost every accounting- and ERP system on the planet speaks "double-entry"?

The babelfish of bookkeeping 🐟

We're really proud to announce a new possibility to integrate Kontera into your existing systems and workflows.

We call it: Universal Accounting.

Using this approach, we're giving everyone the possibility to use Kontera - No matter what system they are currently using, and without having to ask us for permission to do so.

How does it work? When you are setting up a new organization, you are now able to choose "For everyone - via Universal Accounting".

Kontera will now ask you for your base data to get started. It contains all the information needed to get your account ready to go.

Check out our new developer docs regarding our import format.

After importing your base data, you can leverage the power of Kontera to accelerate your accounting work, and save valuable time for your business.

Afterwards, you can export the generated journal entries from Kontera in one of our specified export formats. We provide a more full-fledged export for experts, and a simpler version that might already be compatible with your accounting or ERP systems import capabilities.


We truly cannot wait to see how you will use this feature. No matter where you're from. If you are looking to automate and accelerate your double-entry bookkeeping:

Welcome to Kontera! 👋

PS: Also, check out our brand new developer docs.

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