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Eine Beispielrechnung in Kontera
Supplier: Buchwil

150.80 CHF - inkl. 7.70% MwSt.
184.50 CHF - inkl. 2.50% MwSt.

335.30 CHF - Total
For invoices

Process your receipts, with just one click.

Accounting should support your business, not cannibalize your time. That is why kontera automates as much as possible for you.



We analyze your documents using our propietary OCR and AI technology.

kontera extracts all data you need to process your invoices, reliable and fast. Including, but not limited to:


Multiple VAT Rates

Foreign currencies

Beispiel einer Rechnung Beispiel einer Quittung
Beispiel einer Rechnung als E-Mail Beispiel einer Rechnung mit QR


After extraction, kontera provides you with an automated suggestion based on your previous data.

Automated suggestions

One-click accounting



No matter if ISR, QR-Invoice or IBAN: kontera extracts payment information and helps you fill your payment advise.




With Kontera you can process invoices in only 30 seconds - without rushing.

It took us 38 seconds to process this invoice - But mainly so you can keep up.

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