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Bank reconciliation

Posting your bank statements has never been faster

Verbuche deine Banktransaktionen mit automatisierter Belegzuordnung und regelbasierter Buchung von Transaktionen.

CAMT Support

Support for CAMT.053 upload

Using our CAMT upload, you can easily import your bank transactions. New accounts are recognized automaticalley, and duplicate transactions are filtered. Using the integrated search and filter functions, you can easily find specific transactions.


Reconciliation through AI

You are able not only to simply post your transactions, but if you upload the corresponding receipts and invoices, Kontera will automatically reconcililate your transactions with the matching documents. This guarantees maximum traceability and auditable bookkeeping.

Lightning fast

Flash posting

For recurring transactions without receipt, kontera is giving you the opportunity to post them all at once, which just one click.

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